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GM St. Catharines - Show & Shine August 9, 2013

This event was started in 1999  with ideas on how to stimulate employee enthusiasm in St. Catharines and to promote our product.  We thought a car show would be an excellent way to achieve this!
The first year was a small event with only about 20 vehicles participating with the help of the Niagara Corvette Club and a few employees who brought their classic vehicles to the event.  There were no vendors, no BBQ, only the vehicles and a small plant tour which has become a large part of the event every year.                                                                   
During the next couple of years, the event grew but was limited to Corvettes only. There was a live band and BBQ added.  The Niagara Corvette Club was the primary force in promoting our event to the other Corvette clubs throughout Southern Ontario and New York State.
Our Fourth Annual event in 2002 saw major changes.  The Show was opened up to include all “GM Powered Vehicles” with the emphasis on Corvettes and F-Body Cars (Camaros & Firebirds) whose engines we produced at that time.  From this point, the event began growing quickly.

Now, all means of advertising are used to promote the event.  Event Posters are handed out at local and distant cruise nights, e-mails are sent, web sites are utilized to advertise the show well in advance of the August date.  Vendors are contacted as well as GM Dealers who come to promote our new vehicles.
Even though the event is restricted to GM Powered vehicles, the last five years have experienced phenomenal growth with over 500 vehicles registered and include every type of vehicle from army trucks to mild and wild modified, dragsters and classic vehicles the same as they were when they came off the assembly line. The number of vendors grows every year also.  The Plant Tour is still a huge attraction to participants, particularly the Corvette and Camaro owners who want to see where their car’s engine was built.  People have traveled from far and wide to attend our show.  We have had people from remote parts of Canada, Southern California, Mobile Alabama, New Hampshire, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio and of course New York State attend the event.
In the last couple of years we have introduced new trophies to the mix.  They are a huge hit with the participants.  These are no ordinary trophies.  They are made from Piston and Rod Assemblies of LS2 and LS3 engines and transmission gear sets.  They started being handed out two years ago and ever since, they have become very desirable by GM car aficionados.
A major change took place when the event was moved from the parking lot to the McKinnon Park area of the property in 2003.  The change of venue was a big hit with the participants who appreciated the grassy setting in amongst the trees.  We have experienced all types of weather, sun, rain for a few years in a row and the even the great power failure of 2004 which happened at the start of the Plant Tour.  However nothing has dampened the enthusiasm of the participants.  Every year the event gets bigger and better.
Proceeds from the Show & Shine have been donated to various community charities throughout the years. These include the local YMCA Strong Kids Campaign and last year to the Hospice Niagara for cancer patients and many others.  Not bad for a free registration event.

So, check out the pictures from past years and see the fantastic vehicles that are drawn to the show.  Make plans to attend the show yourself. You won't regret it!; We are a proud and enthusiastic group of GM Powertrain Employees!


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