Henry Leland

GMnextAs head of Cadillac Motor, Henry Leland demanded the highest standards of precision and quality in all his products. He established the Cadillac School of Applied Mechanics, the industry’s first school to train machinists, technicians and toolmakers, to ensure those standards would be a common value throughout his organization.Celebrating 100 years of GM

Twin Cam Vega

The Cosworth Twin Cam Vega was a limited edition Chevrolet Vega hatchback introduced to the public at the Chicago Automobile Show in February 1975. The heart of the vehicle was the special sixteen valve DOHC cylinder head assembly developed with the assistance of Cosworth of England. The entire engine assembly was some sixty pounds lighter …

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Cadillac Beginings

Back in 1902, when Henry Leland took charge of a struggling young company that had been started by Henry Ford and re-named it Cadillac, few people foresaw what the Cadillac name would come to stand for. Acquired by General Motors in 1909, Cadillac immediately became GM’s premier brand.