Camaro Options

I heard talk that you will be able to order your Camaro exactly as you want it. Mine would be bare bones, biggest engine I could get, heavy duty standard transmission, performance rear end, performance suspension, heater and radio delete and all heavy duty components. Wouldn’t that be real nice!

Is there any chance that SLP be involved as an factory performance parts upfitter again?

Really don’t know! Everything is hush hush. Most information will not be released until closer to or after the beginning of production.

I think this would be a great idea; I don’t think it will happen though Sad I don’t see why GM would start that again, after all this time, although I’d love them to.

For me, I want the biggest/most powerful engine, manual, power, hardtop, best chassis setup (brakes, springs, shocks, etc.,) leather, good stereo, no navigation, and as many OEM performance parts as I can. Hopefully, with a FI’d engine (assuming that would be an option) I’d add a pulley, CAI, catback, smog legal headers, a custom tune, and maybe some accessory body components.

I have a sneaky feeling that SLP will definetily get invoved with the 5th Gen. After all, it would only be the right thing to do since the rug was pulled from under their feet back in 02. I’d like to see it, anyway….

Hmm…I would think that SLP would definitely get involved too! If the LS3 is used…I’d really like to hear SLP’s loudmouth on it

I think we will get the v6 and 1 v8 at intro only. The v8 will not be the supercharged LSA/LS9, which will come the following year along with the convertible.

The v8’s are reportedly not of the present generation if we are to believe the “FBOD FATHER” who said these engines will not be gen 3 or 4 because it was said no new intro’s after 08 would have them.

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