Neiman Marcus Sells 100 Camaros In Three Minutes — The Wall Street Journal

General Motors says the 100 Neiman Marcus Edition Camaro convertibles it offered through the luxury retailer’s “Christmas Book” catalog sold out today in three minutes. That’s a lot faster than the 99 Cadillac XLR roadsters GM sold in the catalog in 2002. It took them 14 minutes to sell out.

Operators began taking telephone reservations today at noon and the 100 successful callers will get their cars this spring. The fanfare around the Neiman Marcus “Christmas car” and other over-the-top gifts in the catalog has become a holiday tradition in line with rib roast and Yorkshire pudding.

All the Camaros are outfitted the same way, with the Powerful V8 engine and other mechanical underpinnings of the Camaro SS and special interior details inspired by Neiman Marcus. The special edition models cost $75,000 each, which is more than double what the garden-variety Camaro SS convertible will cost. Other pricey items in the catalog include a $15,000 gingerbread playhouse, $125,000 celebrity party-planner service and $250,000 houseboat for two.

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