Turbocharged V6

I read something about GM producing a Turbocharged V6 pumping out something on the order of 400hp in the future. Similar (but better, obviously Wink) to Ford’s EcoBoost engines.

I can honestly say I’d be more than interested in a Camaro, or sport-sedan with this kind of engine.

Anybody hear something similar, or know anything about it?

Could be, have not heard either. Wouldn’t be much of a stretch considering the direct-injection 3-6 pumps out 300 HP, I tried it out in the new CTS and was very impressed, really fun to drive. It would have been even more fun if I got to try it out in the new Camaro

You’ll soon get your chance, right?

It was an isolated thing I read online…more speculation than anything. But I sure would be interested in it….I mean, look at what GM does with current Turbocharging. The Turbo 4-cylinder found in the Cobalt SS (amongst others) keeps about the same fuel economy as the Cobalts base engine (turbo is 30mpg, base is 31), but gives you 100 more horsepower. That’s impressive if you ask me; and I’d love to see it happen in a V6.

Or maybe a V8….wouldn’t that be interesting!

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